Emu Parade

“Out of sight, out of mind” = a rubbish excuse for rubbish.

emu parade (v): simple group technique for garbage removal; participants march in a line together, sweeping an area of unwanted debris

Human pollution - particularly plastic - has penetrated every single corner of the globe, and uninhabited wilderness areas are not immune to the waste crisis we have generated and are suffering. Whilst it may be too late to prevent a lot of it, it’s not too late to prevent more of it, and it’s DEFINITELY not too late to clean it up. Why? Because cleaning the planet isn’t just “someone else’s job” - it’s everyone’s job.

Emu Parade is a collection of humans with passion for the environment and access to 4wd vehicles, who raise their hands to take responsibility, show leadership, and bloody well get the job done of cleaning up nature’s most beautiful preserves. Restoring majesty to the land is as simple as taking back what we’ve left out there: as simple as respect.

We’re all on team human and we’re all breathing the same air! GET INVOLVED.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.53.07 pm.png

EMU PARADE. It’s definitely not glamorous, and sometimes it’s f*cking gross, but it needs doing.

this = SHIT.

this = SHIT.

How it will work:

I basically envision Emu Parade to operate as a community cleanup noticeboard, where people can be alerted to postcode-specific cleanups they can attend nearby, or suggest their own emu parade in an area they have noticed is polluted and in need of a cleanup team.

  • register your details (name, address, postcode, do you have a 4wd)

  • set a radius i.e how far you’d be willing to travel to participate in an emu parade near you

  • receive EDM alerts for upcoming emu parades within that radius

  • suggest a location (rural OR urban!) local to you, that you would like to clean up; others will be alerted if it falls within their radius to come and help.

Garbage removal and community cleanups aren’t hard! Picking up rubbish with other people makes the job a LOT easier, by sharing the load across many hands and contributing to a truly benevolent community.

Doing good feels good, it’s as simple as that.

The Earth deserves your help!