Bulletin [1.7.18]

And the new financial year starts with a BANG - or does it? Does anyone outside of finance actually care deeply about that? We here at EDG sure don't (we being me and big suse, duh). Just another beautiful winter's day as far as we're concerned, nothing extraordinary about it. Though being alive in 2018 at Curl Curl beach to enjoy said winter's day is nothing short of extraordinary, so I guess EOFY is just nothing extra-extraordinary to us.

Look, the point is I recorded another news bulletin this morning and it was bloody delightful.


1. You know your vintage clothes you love? Or your vintage car? Well there's people out there who froth on vintage whipper snippers with smelly two-stroke engines that are now banned in Australia. 

2. Turns out the plural of octopus isn't 'octopi' like I smugly thought. According to the ABC it's actually 'octopuses', and some octopuses (feels weird) are moving into previously uninhabited waters in response to oceanic warming.

3. Despite some inexplicable government pushback, renewables are set to supply Australia with over a third of it's electricity needs by 2020 with monthly solar installation records consistently being broken. Super exciting!!!

4. Let this one sink in - bees are dying, and if bees were to disappear completely all of humankind would be dead within four years, HOLY SMOKES (beekeepers will see what I did there)

5. The existential crisis posed by geoengineering endures - if we use technology to "repair" nature, aren't we really just inventing a new version of it? Crikey, now there's a headscratcher.

6. Some dickhead in South Australia left two extremely dangerous turtles in a backyard after vacating the tenancy that could have brought entire ecosystems crashing down in a very short space of time, and now face either a $100000 fine or two years jail. Yep, we take our biosecurity shit SERIOUSLY.

7. A bloke has driven an electric car to Darwin from Holland (!) and is now figuring out how to cross the Aussie outback when the vehicle's maximum range is only 200kms. Good luck fella!

Ava listen and tell ya m9s, lets get educated!

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