Breaking Even

🚨BREAKING EVEN: last night I gave away the remainder of the plastic bags I have collected at Steam Engine over the last fortnight. I couldn’t keep count of all of them but the two full milk crates I had are now empty - many of which were folded up like this by some anonymous LEGEND - reflecting the ease with which any silly goose like me can be genuinely proactive in addressing pollution and climate change at a local level.

I met many dubious eyes and conversed with many people sceptical of the impact of what I‘m doing, which has frankly left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. To me, refusing a clean and intact plastic bag at the door to the supermarket, only to shamelessly walk out 15 minutes later with a brand new one (or 10) is incredibly confusing. Where does the mental fortitude come from to not only blankly ignore an opportunity to reduce waste, but add to it further?

Contributing to a solution requires intimacy with a problem, so I suppose I should have expected this to be a somewhat depressing experience. I am trying to remind myself that even though the vast majority of people wanted nothing to do with me, perhaps our interaction will remain in their subconscious and surface on 1 July when #banthebag officially commences. Negativity aside, the gratitude I did receive from some gave me confidence that this was, is and will continue to be a worthwhile pursuit.

Anyway, I surreptitiously recorded a bunch of audio and will put a podcast up as soon as I sift through it so you can relive the experience with me (spoiler alert, there is a lot of denial😅).
Thanks to @woolworths_au Balgowlah for having me, your customers were for the most part much more amenable than the folks at @colessupermarkets Chatswood Chase who looked at me like a piece of trash in human form. And thanks to everyone who has dropped off placcie bags to @steamenginecoffee - please keep them coming!!
Stay tuned for audio in the coming days 🤘🏼♻️