Ticking Time Bomb

Is that all this is? Are we all just frozen in horror as the horizon continues to get closer, stuck between fear of fight and inability for flight?

Looking around, it seems a bit like that.

Sortof like when a giant dog comes up to a tiny dog at the park, and the tiny dog just stands rooted to the spot, knowing it has zero say in the next part of the story.

Is that us? Fearfully staring up into the huge face of climate change, every fang another potentially apocalyptic outcome?

Hmm.. actually nup. No way Rols, shit example.

We’re not dogs, this isn’t the park, we’re not helpless, and in fact, we absolutely do have the power to dictate the future narrative.

“But I’m just one tiny person, what could I possibly do that would actually be meaningful?”


If you’re someone (like me) who has allowed terror to interrupt what would otherwise be rational behaviour in the past, lets not let it happen now, yeh? This isn’t the time to puss out!

We can definitely rewrite the script of the next century, but it’s going to need at least a scribble from EVERYONE. Every single person can contribute to cleaning up this astonishing planet and feel proud and empowered - emproudered?? - for doing so.

Everyone holier-than-thou is right in saying “a little definitely goes a long way”, but most forget to mention utter dependence on a little coming from many different places.

So as we all experience this unprecedented day and age together, the only objective truth is that we owe each other the effort of doing our bit. Seriously unpack the ecological rucksack of your life, be honest with yourself about the contents and decide to take responsibility.

It all counts!