The Lucky Country?

I’ll spin youse a yarn-

In Australia, our approx energy mix is coal 40%, oil 34% and gas 22%.

Recently the Australian government received official advice from the UN that we must reduce coal to 0-2% of current usage by 2030 to avoid compromising the Paris Accord. This was issued in context of our total emissions rising on a frighteningly steady trajectory over the last decade, concluding with 2017 emissions our highest ever. Not included is the amount of coal we extract and export, mind you, and with the world’s biggest coal port, obviously we are one of the world’s biggest exporters.

Betraying UN instruction will see warming co2 levels escalate beyond our ability to impact them further, meaning the exponential rate at which it rises will make human contribution inconsequential. (And make human inhabitation impossible: ta-da, “climate change”)

So our government sat on all this new data for almost two months, before deciding specifically when to make it available to the Australian public - on the Friday night of a long weekend that had two footy grand finals on. The calculation is spine-tingling.

Now, in “response”, our federal environment minister (from the mining industry) has disagreed with the 90+ IPCC scientists’ research, and resolutely asserted coal should stay a core component of energy policy well beyond 2050. Her audacity is breathtaking.

I wonder how many Australians would vote in agreement with Melissa Price. Maybe I’m in an echo chamber but I don’t feel like this is ‘government’ as a representation of majority attitudes towards sustainability.

It’s this sort of shit making me worried about when my generation will be answering the world’s demands of how things got so out of control. Who was doing what when shit was hitting the fan, who could have done otherwise, and who specifically in the history books is to blame.
I don’t want it to be Australia !