Hemp is arguably biology’s biggest gift to humankind. We can eat it, we can make stuff out of it AND we can smoke it to profound effect: a rare trinity indeed. And it grows virtually anywhere! What other plant offers such insane versatility to the harvester?!

Hemp grows incredibly quickly, so quickly that it essentially recaptures its own carbon if it is to be burnt as fuel and then regrown. Yep, grow enough hemp and you have self-sustaining, carbon-neutral fuel. And growing takes little attention; it is naturally resistant to pests, requires little water or fertiliser and improves soil health.

Australia and New Zealand are the only countries in the entire world who prohibit hemp products being sold as food. Literally the only two! Because the rest of the world knows it has perfect nutritional ratios for human consumption, and you won’t actually get ‘high’ from eating it (@tonyabbotmhr hope u r reading). Complete amino acid profile, proteins and lipids in perfect balance, fibre for digestive benefit and optimal health.

A bloke in Canberra is building his own house out of hemp-crete right now. Insulating a building for 40degree summers and -5degree winters is a formidable task, but hemp has the most superior thermal properties of any other building material. It is also cheaper, lighter, breathable, fire-resistant, termite-proof and carbon-neutral. His words - appearing in the title of the article I read - are “it’s a no brainer”. Fair dinkum mate!

As for the smoking thing, hmm. I guess if you are continuing life in the 21st century wilfully ignoring the immense cognitive benefits that stand to be collectively gained by human beings... well you have my honest pity.

Anyway buy hemp when you can!
 (And it’s so bloody useful, you almost always can!)

I highly recommend consulting this powerful website for a detailed index of where hemp can be used, instead of what, and why it’s so much better. It’s jaw-dropping👍🏼🌿