It's very easy to absent yourself from participation these days. So easy in fact that it is almost forgivable in light of such commonality. And it makes sense; it’s so much easier to accept that things are out of your hands, so that any responsibility you feel is henceforth redundant (no matter how appropriate or important that feeling of responsibility may be). 


But it doesn’t have to wield such an effect.

Disenfranchisement - a truly annoying word, even more so with such aptitude to current conditions. I’ve felt it, we all have! God knows the ins and outs of where our household utilities come from… do you? Know where your local water catchment is? Can you name the power station supplying your street? Me neither!! But in this time of such wildly accessible self-education, pleading disenfranchisement is just not an excuse

This solar panel was 100 bucks off ebay, wired to a 20000mah (roughly 10 iphone’s worth) USB battery. Total cost was a conservative 150 (can’t remember specifically). 

Perhaps you might be thinking “I can’t afford this”? Well perhaps not. I don’t know you, I have no idea what your financial priorities are. HOWEVER, lets acknowledge that there is a difference between “I can’t afford this” and “I’m not willing to save up and do this”.
Por ejemplo.
If you spend any money at all on entertainment - movies, beers, clothes, restaurants, baggies - well you have some obvious economic channels which could be redirected to save an extra 150 in absolutely no time, right?? Just start putting a little to the side now, you’ll have the dough in no time. 

There’s lateral ways around this stuff. Use your noggin, figure out where your opportunities lie. Because the problem ain’t going away folks!

We owe it to one another to be doing this.