New Relationship

Alright look.

My motivation for producing this blog is my resolution that we haven't yet lost the fight, and if we pull together there is still hope for the future inhabitants of this planet.

But I must make a confession regarding the specific spur in my ass propelling me to try and raise awareness about climate change. And I’ll be totally honest what that is: it’s panic.

Whilst I’m a man with a colourful past in terms of mental health (but lol aren't we all), trust me that I’ve got my shit together these days. But I will admit that I do have days where I absolutely shit myself about what’s still to come. Days where I sink a little too deep into the recesses of my imagination, days where I wonder just how much further we are going to dig ourselves into this hole, and whether it will eventually be too far to climb out of. Whether it is already. Climate-change induced anxiety, it seems. An actual thing?

Well I’ve floated this idea with a few people around me who acknowledge similar feelings of utter dread when talking about the environmental crisis. You must know that feeling, right? When you learn something really uncomfortable about the environment? That feeling deep down, the pit that immediately appears in your gut if you begin analysing the true depth of this situation for a second too long.

So here’s the kicker - being in nature provides the most genuinely effective psychotherapy I have ever discovered. Being surrounded by true wilderness is indescribably cathartic. Now whilst this may appear to be cheap regurgitation of a cliched theory, I have nothing to gain from doing so. This is my honest experience.

Getting outdoors - like way, way outdoors - is a calming reminder that the world is much bigger than human beings. Being out of range and off the grid is therapeutic to the degree that I would surely be a nervous wreck without it, curled up in the fetal position in pure fear of the horror that climate change stands to conclude the human species with.

What a peculiar relationship to become aware of! Climate change causing anxiety beyond rhetorical description, to be placated only by immersion in the natural environment. It seems so simple, yet I don’t really understand it… but there must be something to this??🤔

Hmm. Podcast episode, incoming!