That stands for (Oi), Up The Sunny Coast! Boy did this put a smile on me dial!!! Such a cool story.

As of yesterday Sunshine Coast Council is the first in Australia to power all council-operated facilities with 100% renewable energy. It’s amazing news, with the perfect amount of namesake-based irony to embarrass even the most stoic of climate change deniers.

A whopping new solar farm lit up for the first time yesterday in Valdora, roughly a thousand clicks south of Adani’s coal port at Abbot Point. Whilst it has set the council back a cheeky 50 mil, conservative estimations are $22m of savings in just thirty years. That's a pretty tasty fiscal offset in my books, and obviously along a trajectory towards total recovery of cost (and beyond). 

This is huge. It’s a massive and uncompromising example for all other councils, undisputedly proving that renewable energy is not only sustainable, but achievable. Particularly as they’ve pulled it off with NO contributions from the state OR federal governments.

Get this though - despite being the first council to be fully solar powered, the farm itself isn’t even the biggest in Australia. This is peculiar to me... I wonder what’s going on at the other five that are bigger? Hmm.

Anyway I seriously don’t get how fossil fuel still profits when there's shit like this going on. Because how do you possibly argue with it now? The technology is available and is affordable. Of course renewables may not be financially or geographically possible for all local governments right now, but without question it is the future of the energy sector.

Rolls, give it a rest mate. This is hectic good news.
Yeah yeah, for sure. Stories like this placate my fear that nothing is happening, and restores my faith that mass change is possible (and maybe even probable?!)

I’m actually looking forward to hearing the varied nonsensical interpretations dribble forth from the flailing lips of the cowards among us still maintaining climate change to be a hoax. Ha! It’s gonna be good.