Easy Personality Test

Did you know that the most polluted place in the entire world is an uninhabited island 5000 kms from the nearest continent? Holy Santa Claus shit! If that doesn't spook you out you are a full reptile.
 (Hint, that was the test)

Henderson Island is smack bang in the middle of the Pacific - literally equidistant from South America and Australia - and has the highest density of washed up plastic anywhere on Earth. A myriad of ocean currents act as brooms of the sea, sweeping marine debris under the one corner of the rug the furthest possible distance from those that created it.


So far out of sight, no wonder it's so far out of mind too!

A team from the University of Tasmania recently led and expedition that found 38 million items of rubbish weighing a total of 18 tonnes spread across its beaches. Toothbrushes, plastic razors, kids' dummies and cigarette lighters were the most commonly recurring items.

[source: ABC/every news site ever] 

[source: ABC/every news site ever] 

Over 60% of cities dot the world's coastlines, with most non-urban dwellers also living within 100kms of the sea. And we know that 80% of garbage in the ocean comes from the land... what I'm getting at is obvious, right?


Be a legend in a world full of tossers. It all counts!

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