The #realEPA

Hmm. So climate change is real, but the head of the world's largest Environmental Protection Agency is a climate change denier. Wait, doesn't that make the EPA #fakenews?

I don't even live in the states but good GRIEF am I getting tired of the Trump administration's garbage. So much so that I've decided to claim ownership of the EPA acronym, recently made re-available to me by Scott Pruitt as he continues to feverishly unravel every piece of environmental legislation he can get his filthy ratbag paws on. Fuck you you prick, the EPA is a title reserved for those who actually do give a shit about protecting the environment.

Ok apologies for the naughty language (3 in one sentence, yikes Rolls, that's a lot, even for you).

But I mean really?! What these men are doing is legitimately tantamount to crimes against humanity. I don't even know what to call it, 'next-genocide'? Condemning whole generations to suffer in the rapidly-approaching future as it is they who contend with the pointy end of the stick?

Whatever, enough is enough: please take this as a personal welcome to join the brand new Environmental Polemicists Association! Membership is free, I don't need any contact details... actually there are absolutely no formalities necessary whatsoever, just give a hoot about the planet! The only condition of joining the #realEPA is that you do actually speak up at some point about climate change.

Because as the political "leaders" of this world continue to let us down - both domestically and further afield - it is communication that becomes increasingly critical.
This stuff needs to be talked about.
Climate change is real, and it deserves your attention whether you wear a suit in Parliament House, hi-vis coveralls on site, activewear at the dog park or trackies in the living room.

Its time to be a part of the conversation.

#everydaygreen #everydaygreenie #therealEPA