SELLING: Patagonia Wetsuit

 Selling: Patagonia Yulex R3 c/s wetsuit size LT (6’3 / 85kgs ballpark)

Condition: as new. Pulled the tag off yesterday morning and used it twice since. Have receipts and warranties. Patagonia’s R3 thickness is between a 3/2 and a 4/3, ridiculously toasty.

Price: $250/best offer

Reason for selling: Rubbing me the wrong way; should you have a similarly sized but more robust epidermis than I, this is a good opportunity to pick up a top shelf wetty on the cheap as close to new as it gets.



Here's the long story paraphrased in bullet points:

- I paid $649 for this wetsuit last December and took it overseas on a surf trip.
 - It fit very well, kept me extremely warm in 13degree water and dried quickly.
 - It also waged war on my skin (fragile at the best of times) and caused pretty severe rash.
 - Over the course of six weeks’ surfing it also shockingly disintegrated with all welded seams covered in cracks and a stretch tear in one panel.
 - When I got home I took it back to Patagonia to be fixed; it was instead replaced having fallen into apparent disrepair. According to store staff it happens to the occasional batch of wetsuits depending on conditions in which the glue dries (or something to that end).
 - The replacement has been hanging in my closet ever since.
 - Midday Sunday I took the tags off and surfed for two hours, then surfed again this morning.
 - The wetsuit has performed admirably (and with zero visible wear) but has again seriously agitated my sensitive, namby-pamby skin and I simply can’t be f*cked to deal with it. Thought it might have been to do with the first dodgy suit but sadly must be the material. Spewing.

Rather than hoard it I'd prefer it go to a good home, it's current season and near new so if we're similarly-sized and you're in the market please sing out!

It's definitely an effective piece of gear and allegedly the greenest wetsuit on the planet... hmm, if this one falls apart on you too just let me know and we can phone up Patagonia together 😁