Bottom of the Class. Oops.

Guys shit. I just discovered something pretty disturbing.

Australians are literally the worst polluters in the world.

Look it up on Wikipedia if you don't believe me.


Good old Aus at a moderately respectable 15th-worst, Rolls thought to himself, not too shabby.

But suddenly!
Per capita results show us beaten only by Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Making us the worst polluters in the developed world, even edging out our yankeedoodle friends in Trumplandia, formerly so dependable in such comparisons of relative mediocrity. Alas, we are not only fatter than our American counterparts but dirtier as well.


So if you've been thinking "ah yeah I'm not too worried about climate change, my output isn't too bad" - it could be time to reevaluate!

#everydaygreen #everydaygreenie