A Coal'd War

"Opening up a major new coal province is nothing less than a crime against humanity. The Adani Mine itself will push temperatures above 2 degrees; the rest of the Galileo Basin development will ensure global temperatures way above 3 degrees. None of the supporting arguments, such as poverty alleviation, the inevitability of continued coal use, the superior quality of our coal, or the benefits of opening up northern Australia, have the slightest shred of credibility."


This is an excerpt from an editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald about 10 days ago. If you haven't seen it, it'll take you five minutes to read and it's really worth your time!

This piece sums up the true gravity of what Adani's coal mine stands to impact. The debate of climate change has graduated to a crisis of not just the environment but of existentialism itself: the implicative relationship between 'now' and 'then'. Approving new coal mines, no matter how economically beneficial, is an utter condemnation of future generational freedom.


Think about it this way: I'm 25 and I'll be telling my grandchildren about visiting the long-lost Great Barrier Reef before it was irreparably bleached and destroyed. At the rate we're currently traveling, it'll only be 15 years before the life of that ecosystem exists only as a memory. And as for my grandkids, they'll spend time in this world fighting over drinking water. Ultra-grim stuff!!!

Our government seems sadly unwilling to forsake current financial planning for the future life of the planet and those humans destined to inhabit it. Because it is the youngest people of today who will be tasked with the arduousness and sheer impossibility of cleaning up after men of such extreme irresponsibility, long after they have departed.

"We deserve better leaders. If the incumbency is not prepared to act, the community need to take matters into their own hands."

The community - that's US!

Don't feel disenfranchised as "just one person"; remember that every dollar you spend is an investment towards environmental responsibility. Better yet, write to those in charge! Leave feedback at www.joshfrydenberg.com.au and ask how the Department of the Environment can possibly sanction the biggest coal mine in Australian history on the doorstep of the Reef.

Because as frightening as all this news is, I encourage you to remember that it's not too late to change things!

Live by example!
Be the change!
We got this!!!

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