Buy It Once!

It's hectic that we have massive industries whose existence is solely predicated on people constantly re-buying the same thing over and over again.

Shit like fashion! No offence is intended by this (sorry if fashion is your thing), but if an alien species visited Earth and observed how we allocate our resources they would honestly piss themselves. For this reason I don't fear an invasion; I'm very familiar with Kang and Kodos and I'm pretty confident they will find the prevailing short-sightedness within our planet simply too laughable to be able to concentrate on domination


PLEASE NOTE: by no means am I excusing myself from participating in this! I totally fit the portrait of mad consumer; I know for sure I haven't bought the last surfboard I'll ever buy, or the last camera, or the last tent or bag or shoes or anything else.

But here's the thing - it's completely senseless to buy something with the intention of replacing it.

Hey Rolls, stop rabbiting on about mindfulness.

Oi, shoosh. This is a personal blog and mindfulness seems to be the common denominator that's missing when I consider of a lot of the problems currently facing our community.

So next time you pull out your wallet, ask yourself how long it will be before you buy a replacement for whatever you're buying. As you decline a plastic bag and put it in your backpack, honestly consider how you're going to look after that thing and how you can use it to its maximum lifespan.

Yes its an optimistic and fairly unachievable ideal, but ideals are important.

Buy it once!

#everydaygreen #everydaygreenie #buyitonce

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[source: @artwars]