New Study Proves Eating Beef Good For Environment

Here's something that - though I hope you won't - will probably cause you to immediately disengage and scroll on. Ready?

"Raising animals for food is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than every mode of transport worldwide, combined."

(Oi I know, but bear with me. If you just rolled your eyes, I WROTE THIS FOR YOU)

Just try and let the full gravity of that sink in for a second. Having trouble? YOU'RE NOT ALONE FRIEND!

That irritating string of words completely epitomises my definition of a 'communication breakdown'. A sad reality, that hardcore global statistics of this sort are simply far too wild for most people to be expected to genuinely engage with.

Information so abrupt, so shocking that despite truth or relevance it becomes practically unintelligible, resultant of such wonderfully simple fight-or-flight programming coded oh-so powerfully throughout every cell in our bodies. We humans are the ultimate survivors, after all; every one of our successes past and present can be explained by our primal response to discomfort. Aversion at all costs!

But lo, this brand of hyper-unpleasant data then becomes promptly compartmentalised instead. Immediately sent to the nether regions of a hibernating subconscious, never even destined to be ruminated upon, let alone understood. Because to hell with maturity! It can't be 'childish' if heaps of grown adults do it, right??

Yeah, this ain't no regular communication 'breakdown' folks. This is a full blown pile-up on the motorway, with 7 billion cars involved.

Yet the situation is real! And it's the frighteningly potent lack of reactivity that I find so alarming in context of such a severe - though somehow enduring - climate crisis. Almost like everyone's hoping for an article to pop up with "New Study Proves Eating Beef Good For Environment", as some sort of apathy confirmation to absolve their collectively willful ignorance. (HINT: it ain't gonna happen)

I've said it before; it's frustrating how many well-intentioned people refuse to acknowledge their diet as a critical opportunity to improve their personal environmental footprint, and the global environmental crisis as a whole.

Particularly when eating organic, vegetarian, bla-bla-bla whatever is EASY! Trust me. Dietary mindfulness doesn't take much. I went from hardcore meat-erry-day dairy connoisseur to full vegan overnight and managed to survive. In fact survive isn't at all the right verb; I started sleeping better, had higher energy levels and felt infinitely more connected to my physical self. I don't miss it and I haven't looked back; recalling the mindlessness with which I used to eat legit makes me wince. (PS - not vegan anymore!)

Look, I don't want my passion about this topic to be misconstrued as cheap vitriol directed undeservedly toward those whose diet differs to mine. No offense is wished upon anyone; I mean only to inform by this!

But if you've never even tried vegetarian food, it's time to have a crack! Start with just one meat-free day a week and feel it for yourself. Start contributing to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

It's that simple.

So you are what you eat? Well EAT YOURSELF MORE GREEN!

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