Build A Bridge!

You know how when you got told to clean your room as a kid you said you'd do it later, hoping it would get forgotten about so you wouldn't actually have to do it? Well this planet full of adults is doing pretty much the same thing about the environment.

Steering a conversation towards climate change is one of the fastest ways to make someone uncomfortable speaking to you. I suppose it's like anything upsetting; people seem to prefer to mumble and look at their feet than discuss it loudly and clearly in the open.

Which is crazy, because aren't we all informed, mature human beings? Everyone knows its bad, everyone is aware of how devastating the outcomes are, everyone feels uncomfortable about it. What's more, everyone knows it's imminent.

AND STILL no one really wants to discuss it in day to day conversation!

The difference between (real) adults and (real) children - irrespective of the number of years they have lived - is the ability to overcome petty discomfort for the sake of effective communication.

Yes, we made a bad mess of our bedroom
BUT yes there is time to clean it up
and yes it will be easier if we start now.

That's how you'd teach a child the value of cleaning their dirty room, right?

If talking about and addressing global warming is uncomfortable, it's officially TIME TO GET OVER IT.


CHALLENGE: Start the conversation! Talk about climate change today with someone that you wouldn't otherwise discuss it. Then pat your back for spreading the word and prioritising the environment - change can't happen without YOU!

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