Wanna Get Wasted?!

 CHALLENGE: Waste-Free Weekend *disclaimer, no alcohol necessary*

(Ok look, maybe you don't have to go totally waste-free but you can certainly try and I'm here to remind you that this weekend is an EXCELLENT opportunity).

Because landfill is ETCH! 

Because landfill is ETCH! 

10 minutes. That's seriously all it takes!

Give yourself just 10 full minutes to properly think about it.
Phone face down, tv off, speakers muted.
Honestly forecast the upcoming weekend for possibilities to eliminate disposable waste you'd ordinarily be responsible for.
Literally stare into space, think about your movements the next two days and the footprint-reduction opportunities that might present themselves to you (HINT: I bet there's heaps).

I actually reckon you only need 5 minutes for this, but it's Friday and I'm being realistic. 10 minutes with beverage in hand.

To help you start, here's a list of possible situations to start your brain ticking over:

- Dine in! You're not in a rush, it's the weekend. Drink out of a glass and eat off a plate.
 - Offer someone a lift! Driving with mates > driving solo.
 - Also tell the chick/bloke at the cafe you don't need a bag or napkin as you're going to eat that muffin immediately, thanks though.
 - Take a tote or a backpack when you go shopping (CAUTION: you may be alarmed at how automatically people will get you a plastic bag even when you sit your bag on the counter)
 - Instead of buying Maccas out of self-pity, cook a spicy veggie curry on Sunday to nurse your head and cleanse your insides.

Seriously folks, not that hard. Have a crack! Accept the challenge!!! Lemme know how you go!

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