Onya Bike!

I think its bewildering that so few people regularly ride when everyone seems to own or at least have access to a bicycle. Yet - due perhaps to the immense social vilification cyclists invariably face - it only seems to be like 1 in 100 people who throw a leg over even just once a week.


It's a shame everyone hates cyclists. Though like everything I suppose,  all it really takes is just a few entitled dickheads on the road thinking they own the asphalt.

Why does everyone run away from two wheels?! #cornycaptions

Why does everyone run away from two wheels?! #cornycaptions

Anyway let's do an exercise. LETS IMAGINE BICYCLES DIDN'T EXIST.

And then someone told you there was this thing, this mode of transport that would make you healthy, save you money AND lessen your environmental impact.

The [AND occasionally flood you with that syrupy, underrated friend called adrenaline who spices up your existence and turbocharges your productivity?]

Right?! If someone threw that at you you'd tell them to get their must-be-bullshit-fad-diet-crap out of your face and onto a late night infomercial instead. Oi but here's the thing guys -

Bicycles do exist.

I know.

Save money from the petrol you don't use and the car repairs you no longer need.
 Save time by shortening your exercise routine because you've exercised already.
 Save the environment by using a less material-intensive vehicle that's powered by your own energy.
 Get healthy by improving your metabolic rate and increasing your daily calorie output.
 Be happy! Bikes are fun.

If someone told me that one widely and easily available thing could positively impact my life in so many ways, I'd have serious doubts about how I overlooked such an idea. Funny how easily we can lose lateral sight of simple things that we take for granted over time.

So allow me to instead cast fresh eyes on the situation! Let me gently remind you that the bike invariably sitting in the nether regions of your abode, long-forgotten and perhaps gathering dust from disuse, just might be the catalyst to improving your existence in heaps of different ways.

So kick back into gear!

Bikes are a no-brainer.