Earth Day!

You get flowers for your mum on Mother's Day right?  Because she's a good bird and you wouldn't be around without her?

Well today is Earth Day, so here's a list of things you can do:

-eat vegetarian food
-try a long black instead of a latte
-BYO bag to the shops
-tell someone off for dumping a ciggie butt anywhere but the bin
-actually turn your laptop off for once in your life
-dust off your keep cup, use it
-if you don't have a keepcup, take a mug from home
-take a water bottle when you leave the house
-don't stand in the shower pondering life, do that later when there's no water running
-walk/cycle/take public transport instead of driving
-hang your laundry up instead of stuffing it into a small electronically-heated spinning chamber
-fork out for organic
-write to Josh Frydenberg asking why he's allowing coal mines when he should be fighting tooth and nail to prevent them 

I bet you can think of more!

Today is the day to practice mindfulness... you can make a difference!!!