#banthebag? Yeah but.

I get it, we're Aussies. We love to get stuck in, we love to have a dig, we love to dive in the deep end (insert Kath Day-Knight twang). But when you actually throw a toddler into a pool, reality doesn't care about your best intentions - it probably ain't gonna end well, for you or the kid.

So The Project is on the hype today for an audacious callout for three state premiers (NSW, QLD, VIC) to balls up and ban plastic bags. 

[Waleed Aly using his smug for good! Nice one Waleed!]

[Waleed Aly using his smug for good! Nice one Waleed!]

As you can imagine, I'm really into it!

But I'm also a teensy bit pessimistic.

I say this because the rate that we currently use plastic bags?

3.92 billion per year.
10.8 million per day.
447000 per hour
 7500 per minute

So in my opinion, an outright ban is a tall order.

We don't have any restrictions on plastic bags right now, so for a first step its pretty heavy-handed. We churn through them like nobody's business, so to remove them altogether - whilst it would be awesome - seems unlikely to me.

[source: bluemaize.net] 

[source: bluemaize.net] 

And I don't think politics is necessarily the arena to rely on. Because what's voting these days? Standing in line munching a homemade cupcake at your local public school once every few years? Nope. You vote every single day. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the things you endorse, the things you want to see more of.

Look, neg opinions aside - this initiative has my full support and hopefully yours too.

Sign the petition here https://www.change.org/p/ban-plastic-bags-across-nsw-victoria-and-wa 

or here https://act.greenpeace.org.au/petitions/ban-the-bag-new-south-wales

or here https://plasticbagfreensw.good.do/take-nsw-plastic-bag-free/contact-your-mp/

BUT ALSO, don't feel you have to wait for a result; impose a personal ban on yourself for a week and see how you go! It's WAY easier to make your own rules and live by your own ethos, rather than wait for someone to make the choice for you.

The power of change is everyone's to wield.



[source: Troy Mayne/Greenpeace] 

[source: Troy Mayne/Greenpeace]