Dear Adani, piss off! Sincerely, the Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re not up to date with the goings-on up in Queensland, this is a nuts-and-bolts rundown of a situation which looms as the most transparent act of severe environmental treason the Australian government has ever committed (aside from letting Pauline back into the ACT).

Basically Indian conglomerate Adani is planning to dig a fucking MASSIVE coal mine - the biggest in national history - in the Galilee Basin along the Carmichael River. The site will cover roughly 45000 hectares (larger than most global capital cities), containing six open-cut pits and five underground mines. 

The Galilee Basin [source:] 

The Galilee Basin [source:] 

Open pit mining already in the Galilee Basin [source: Greenpeace/Tom Jefferson]

Open pit mining already in the Galilee Basin [source: Greenpeace/Tom Jefferson]

Should it eventuate, this new development stands to seriously threaten almost every facet of surrounding ecology. The nearby Great Barrier Reef will lose more coral to irreparable bleaching, and the stability of the  local water table will be in serious jeopardy.

[source: Dean Miller/Greenpeace] 

[source: Dean Miller/Greenpeace] 

 [source: Instagram  @untamedscience and @haleychamberlain22]

 [source: Instagram  @untamedscience and @haleychamberlain22]

These photos look nice, but see the white fringes on all the coral heads? Bleaching in action.

Australia’s very emissions standards will be significantly affected by this project.

The former Federal Minister for Environment - the dude in charge of reducing the Australia's footprint and protecting it's natural resources - is Greg Hunt. Greg promptly gave the mine his tick of approval last year, and more recently has applied his signature to an allowance for Adani to use unlimited water resources.

Good stuff Greg.


He has been succeeded by Josh Frydenberg, a similarly inactive and disinterested sellout.

Withhold your disgust for a sec though: the current discussion is whether the government will now give Adani $900 million to build a railway that will allow them greater access for higher export volumes.

$900 million.

Some perspective: this is roughly twice what it would take to complete all public infrastructure repairs in the wake of Cyclone Debbie.

For another f*cking coal mine.

[source: SBS] 

[source: SBS] 

Greg, Josh, Malcolm... are you fellas serious?

I’m no politician but it seems completely bonkers that the interests of Australians can be so visibly  subjugated in favour of foreign fossil-fuel dollars by their own government. 

If this isn’t straight-up treason, I honestly don’t know what is.

I can't think of - or even imagine - a greater betrayal of the Australian people and their natural environment. It is truly emblematic of a failing political system.

Anyway. Thankfully communications in this day and age means we can contribute to the discussion more directly than ever before. A lot of Australians are up in arms already, and you can join them (without attending a rally or ruining a cheap bedsheet with some spraypaint).


For example, it'll take less than one minute to sign the Australian Conservation Foundation's petition below. Or (as I have certainly done in the past) excuse yourself from participation... just remember we're all breathing the same air!

 GetUp also has a petition to prevent Adani receiving more publicly funded handouts👇 

Hit up Josh here -

Greg Hunt can be contacted at (you can literally write to him) or call his office on (02) 6277 7220 and ask why he did what he did.