The Ol' Placcy Bag

How's this bloke's face.

I like this photo for two reasons, mainly because it accurately reflects of my own expression when I forget to bring a bag to the supermarket. But also I reckon he is sick of hearing how China is always the big bad wolf of the climate change story.

Yes China as a whole pollutes the Earth worse than most(/all) other nations, but they have 1.4 billion people contributing to their figures, and they basically manufacture the entire world.

And for all the heat China cops for it - did you know they banned plastic bags in 2008?

Yep. And I got some more news for ya. Here in Australia we churn through 3.97 billion - 3 970 000 000 - plastic bags every year.

I was shocked to learn that. Here's a few more reasons why I reckon we should ban the bag too (or at the very least pay something for them at the checkout):

1. Plastic bags can last up to 1000 years before fully biodegrading.
2. Just 8.7 plastic bags contain the equivalent petroleum needed to drive a car 1km!
3. Only 3% of plastic bags distributed in Australia (again, 3.97 billion/year) are recycled.
4. Aussies use over 10 million new plastic bags every day - in five days that becomes enough to cover the whole Melbourne CBD.

Rolls m8, I can't imagine what 3.97 billion plastic bags even looks like.

These figures are almost too crazy to relate to - I get it.

So make a point of thinking about it next time you're in the supermarket. (I bet you've heard of 'mindfulness' from one of your annoyingly-zen yogi mates? Well this is a great chance to practice it.) Look at the people around you. Notice how unconsciously they distribute and accept plastic bags. Notice the pace. Scary huh?

Good news - you don't have to be one of them!

I have two suggestions.

Either remember to bring your own bag (you've probably heard that one before).

OR (when you inevitably forget) simply use your incredibly dexterous human hands to carry your groceries.

Treat that teetering armful of fruit and veges as a mildly irritating reminder to be better organised! Breathe a sigh of relief when you make it back to your car and unload perfect, unbruised avocados out of your pockets into the carry bag that lives in your boot, that you'll be sure to remember next time.

I promise you'll only need to go through this once or twice to form the habit. Then you won't event think about it anymore, and suddenly BOOM! Less plastic in the ground, happier conscience and better sleep for you.

 You can make a genuine contribution to fixing this problem. Every bag counts!