"You're fired".

That's pretty much what Donald Trump said to the environment today.  

The very habitat that provides our one opportunity to survive as organisms of consciousness has now officially been shafted by the 'President of the Free World'.


Almost every last scrap of genuine infrastructure instituted by American governments past to combat climate change has today been comprehensively dismantled by a small scared man in a big white house. 

But it's not a huge surprise, 70 days after his step into office - its been coming down the tubes for a while now right? Obviously the guy has never cared about the planet for a second: he put one of his mates in charge of the EPA (a similarly cretinous specimen by the name of Scott Pruitt) who is a climate change denier.

Allow this to echo around your mind.

The man in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency is a climate change denier. 

I mean fuck me. I couldn't script a scarier environmental future, could you?! 

At least this dude has experience though; Pruitt has tried to sue the EPA on a variety of occasions in history on behalf of oil and coal. Whaddya do when you lose the game? Wear the referee's jersey next time you play!

Pithy sarcasm aside, in the wake of it all I've re-evaluated my former acceptance of widespread political apathy, my view that "everyone is entitled to be disengaged with world politics if they so please".

I don't wish to offend anyone by this, but it is now my opinion that anyone indifferent to the danger that a Trump presidency impends simply cannot maintain reasonable neutrality any more

Because, today more so than ever, we're all implicated. Environmental crises affect every single being on Earth. You, your dog, and your mate's hot sister. No one is immune to this political virus; this wild demonstration of democratic failure. That's the bottom line.

It's time to decide whether we're really ok with a handful of evil, soulless creatures deciding that the actual planet we live in isn't worth looking after. Or whether we're gonna spine up, make some personal changes, and vote consciously with our dollars in favour of forces for good instead. 

The dark and uncompromising wisdom of George Carlin ultimately sums it up, the frightening potential reality of losing the fight against climate change. 

"The planet has gone through much worse than us. The planet isn't going anywhere. WE are going.

And we won't leave much of a trace either. The planet'll be here and we'll be long gone.

Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac.

The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas."

But the fight's not over yet and now is as crucial a time as ever to join.

So be conscious! Be informed! Exercise agency! Decide what you think is worth fighting for!