Caution: GRAPHIC CONTENT (May Disturb Some Idealistic Environmentalists)

SHOULD YOU NOT KNOW (THOUGH I PRAY YOU DO ALREADY): Planet Ark lays it out real nice and simple. Australian recycling is sorted largely by hand, and the sheer volume of it means that when a picker sees a plastic bag they don't bother to figure out what's inside it. So they chuck the whole thing. 

Anyway, so.

Stumbling home pretty chockers one evening over the weekend I had a bit of a moment.

Needing to thoughtfully dispose of a beer bottle, I wandered over the nature strip to a wheelie with a yellow lid. Clearly marked for bottles and cans.

It was to my utmost disappointment that I found it full of plastic bags. Through foggy, blurry eyes I looked up at who the bin might belong to and sure enough my eyes adjusted to a concrete McMansion with an Audi in the driveway. 


Naturally I proceeded to open all of their bins and see just what kind of grub lived here.

And I was disgusted to find plastic bags in every single one of them.


Literally. Every. One. Four different types of bins!

If I'm stumbling around your street in the wee hours
with thick beer goggles on,
and I can still effectively use your recycling bin,

I was truly the most utterly appalled I can remember ever being.
So I just stood there, lost in thought, for an indeterminate amount of time (long enough to completely lose the group of people I was with) 

I just stared and stared. Retrospectively I'm glad for my level of intoxication at the time; I'm sure I could have reacted worse had I been physically better able to. 

But for a bloke who's started an environmental awareness blog it was pretty disheartening. 
I mean really? REALLY?

Fuck there are some disgraceful peeps around. 

But! As I have sobered after this event, so have I matured; and so strengthened is my resolve. 

I mean what else can I say about it eh?! Just don't be this person! 
Don't let anyone you know be this person!
If you see something, say something!
Do good stuff!
Be nice! 
(I'm done).