Picture yourself here. How good is sunset by the ocean for some honest thinking. Listen to the waves, the birds, gaze at the immensity of the sinking sun, allow your mind to wander into confronting terrain... am I really doing what I can to help the environment?

So. Obviously it sucks to admit to yourself you haven't reeeeeeally been making the effort you could have to lighten your footprint. 

Even the most hardcore greenies' efforts seem to match the rest of us combined, though they also seem to be still on the hunt for ways to improve their footprints.


What a crazy thought! Wild to think that those committed to confronting the global environmental crisis, the Musks, the Attenboroughs, the Di Caprios, are - in human terms - completely outnumbered by people who couldn't give a rats! 

Yet still seem to achieve more?

I KNOW, I KNOW, they have money and fame and all that.
But when effort is combined, majority is always meant to beat minority, right?

Change is confronting; resistance to the thought processes attached is therefore very understandable. But (as I rabbitted on about in my last post) it appears to also be the reason why so many then don't bother doing anything at all. 

Trapped by a widespread misconception that they won't make a difference unless they make drastic changes to their lives. When actually, all they need to do is think a bit more about it

Try it out! Keep your phone in your pocket one morning on the train, revisit your favourite memories of nature and honestly ask yourself, am I really doing what I can?