Let's Get Real

You know? Like when the try-hard teacher sits on the desk and says "lets rap"? 
 (Oi but where you wouldn't listen to the teacher please actually read this)


 "10 ways you can help the environment every single day." 

Bla bla bla.

Bet you've seen a headline like this before. Bet you've also seen plenty of hi-vis infographics thanks very much Rolls.

So will this then be the second (or hundredth😱?) time you've seen lists like this? And do you genuinely apply them all to your life as best you can? Still no?

If these questions have made you uncomfortable and/or guilty - DON'T WORRY! Me too!

Nobody's perfect, but we can at least be realistic about doing whatever we can.

It's probably skating distance, right?

It's probably skating distance, right?

I've noticed this weird and frustrating dichotomy perception regarding 'environmentalism' - like you have to either devote your whole life to it or don't bother doing anything at all. And I think some people in this second category are trapped.

Maybe this is you? Trapped by misunderstanding, thinking you have to leap straight to the first category in one go with lots of huge lifestyle changes?

Good news, friend - YOU DON'T!

Like where the list says "ride your bike to work" - what, every day? That's a pretty big ask, right?! First thing in the morning and again after a long day of work? What am I m8, training for le Tour??? 

So be realistic.

Start riding your bike ONCE A WEEK. Go ONE DAY a week without meat. If you forget your bottle, keep and reuse your Mt Franklin at least ONCE before you recycle it.

Start with small changes, then work up.
Be realistic.

It really isn't that much of a pain! 

It really isn't that much of a pain! 

No doubt about it, it's challenging to reduce your environmental footprint, let alone to zero, let alone all at once. But that doesn't mean we can't all make easy, everyday changes!

Because obviously a middle ground exists between the perceived polarities I've observed above. A middle ground hallmarked by simple collective mindfulness for which we'll all be better off. A balanced lifestyle in which you can pull your weight and make an effort to reduce your footprint without compromising any time or quality of life. 

 Smile! This is good news! Be honest with yourself, where you're at and what you're truly capable of. Then start working up.

(Which I reckon will actually enrich your life, but that's another rant for another time!)