This is a new word I encountered recently!

When I first began altering my diet, I always struggled to describe exactly what my angle was, why I had gone vegan overnight. I confounded things further when I began reintroducing specific animal products whose sustainability levels I had deemed adequate from my research.

I knew a word would eventually pop up that accurately reflected what I was doing though! ‘Climatarian’.

It’s a bit cringe but I reckon everyone should be on it. We’ve heard it all before: animal agriculture is one of the most environmentally offensive industries on the planet. Beef, pork, milk products. Even chicken, the meat that causes the least emissions, contributes over seven times the greenhouse output of an equivalent quantity of lentils. I found one source suggesting lamb is the worst offender; a sad sad shame for Sam Kekovich and Australians everywhere.


I found another interesting picture, indicating an inversion of the traditional food pyramid equates to the highest greenhouse gas emissions by food group. Makes sense? I have never really acknowledged Paleo as a healthy or sustainable diet - sorry Pete Evans you handsome buffoon - and this concept serves to further such a prejudice.


It is my sincerest conclusion that everyone (including me) is capable of improving the environmental footprint of their diet. So far there seems to be widespread reluctance to acquiesce with this idea. If you’re someone whose never tried being vegetarian for longer than a day, please at least entertain the idea that you - like all of us - have a responsibility to lead as green a life as possible.

Diet is the easiest and most direct way to make a difference!