The Storm

There is no such thing as an impact-free existence, and that right there is the biggest thorn in the side of the whole environmentalist ideal. 

The sheer stupidity of climate-change deniers is bearable to the strength of one’s perseverance towards a collectively greener world. The ongoing misdeeds of others too, are able to be somewhat overlooked upon realising the apparent hypocrisy of being unable but to contribute to the very systems one is condemning. Public infrastructure runs on fossil fuels, so don’t shit on fossil fuels if it’s fueling anything you depend on. Right?

But how do you dispute the fact that there’s just no such thing as an impact-free existence? 

We’ve all got to live our bloody lives. But even if it’s for the sake of the planet, why compromise the quality of mine if noone else compromises theirs? Perhaps this is a philosophy some use to excuse themselves from responding to the imminent climate crisis. 

Imminent Rols??!
Mate, it’s happening right now.
Just not here.
Not yet.

As worlds across oceans descend into self-destruction, the geographical blessings of Australia become brighter and brighter. So bright that I think it makes it even harder to look beyond our own borders and realise that for some - nope, for many - climate change arrived a long time ago. But because we don’t see it, we set ourselves free from the shackles of responsible reaction. But that is absolute crazy talk! Invisibility does not excuse inaction. Here’s why-

We have the sixth largest country in the entire world, for just 0.3% of the global population. Hope our border patrol is up to scratch ay!

Australia simply has it all. Modern, progressive technology, insane public services, and massive distance from the nuclear craziness of both our ‘allies’ and our ‘enemies’ of the northern hemisphere. Not to mention it’s fucking BEAUTIFUL. There is no doubt about it, climate refugees will simply begin descending on this country. To me it is just a matter of when.

Uh oh. We are currently selling the Great Barrier Reef to a coal miner. Our per capita carbon emissions are appalling. We’re home to the biggest coal port in the entire world. It’s 2017 and we still have utmost Parliamentary reluctance to fund the inevitable transition to a national renewable energy scheme. 

So then what happens in the not-so-distant future, when the rest of the world, as they begin unifying their attention on Australia, realises that Australia has some of the worst environmental history on record? What happens when the inevitably marginalised new citizens of this country realise the nation they now call home was a big contributor to the very force that took from them their entire lives? Australia’s most devastating riots have so far seemed to be about race and religion; it will be interesting to see what future communities do with quantifiable reason for their anger.

Wow. We just went deep together, real deep into Lucky Rols’s Future of Climate Doom. But wait! That’s just it! We can rewind back to the present, back to right now, back to before any of this has happened!

Sheesh, that was close. Good thing we get to do something about this now before it actually happens. Lucky us! Let’s try and look beyond the polished sheen of our beautifully isolated paradise and realise there is a whole world out there that has already begun to suffer the effects of climate change. 

And you don’t even have to look far, these are literally our neighbours. Five islands in the Solomon Islands have already disappeared; Kiribati teeters on the edge of the same fate. It’s happening now, we just can’t see it. 

So when you have a good opportunity to trim your footprint and instead you think, ah fuck it, I’ll just drive instead of cycle/walk/public transport, I’ll just use more disposable packaging, I’ll just keep eating heaps of beef. Well it is knowingly contributing to this enormous change in culture as well as climate.

If you haven’t yet, begin your training now. Look yourself dead in the eye and commit to reducing the weight of your environmental baggage, remembering it is baggage that we all must carry with modern life.

There may be no such thing as an impact-free existence, but it is the ideal to which we must be aiming.