Dear Tony



Dear @tonyabbottmhr ,

Mr Abbott in my opinion you exemplify literally everything that is wrong with politics and I trust you will read the following explanation of such a harsh condemnation.

Following your performance today in London, it is my view that you have once again established yourself as the ultimate symbol of leadership failure and the slow, painful democratic collapse we have long been enduring in Australia.

The behaviour you have displayed this year attached to your misguided hatred of gay people and inexplicable denial of climate change has been positively bizarre to behold. I've graduated beyond my initial loathing of you Tony, to a point where I am actually concerned for you medically. I can't help but wonder how a man with so many overt and inflammatory neuroses has made it as far as you have in this world, so whilst I try and disconnect with your actions as best I can, it is with sick fascination that I just can't look away whilst you act upon the world stage.

You see, I am a man of ritual too, but I have learnt to also be a man of compromise, so that my rituals don't get the better of me. I think perhaps you do not realise how much you are allowing your ideals to interrupt the responsibility of your conduct as a world leader.

I don't know if you watched any of the Supercars over the weekend, but Bathurst had some pretty patchy weather which wreaked havoc with the drivers. Some chose to keep their slicks on, taking their chances on a narrowing lane of dry blacktop. Needless to say there were some sensational, blood-curdling wipeouts. Im sure you see what I'm getting at - I sortof feel like you're doing the same thing here, except on an internationally political level.

I pity you Mr Tony Abbott, because I don't think you appreciate quite how darkly you are tarnishing whatever reputation you intend on departing this planet with. Let me assure you that the deeper you pursue this megalomaniacal rampage you appear to be on, the blacker that reputation will become long into the history books.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Davies