Wired to Contradict

I often wonder if other animals have versions of their own voice in their head too, telling them what to do. Or whether it's just a rich booming monologue of biological instructions; there is always an answer to be most sure of, the brain's product of a split second DNA computation. Do this because it is what will give you the best chance of survival! Hmm.

Occasionally I think I might have a few too many voices in my head, all fighting for the steering wheel, bickering their contradictions so that I'm confused as to which one I should listen. Most of the time one becomes mercifully louder than the rest, but produces only a shallow confidence that is generally fleeting. Like driving a windy mountain road and expecting a head-on around each corner. Don't get too relaxed, this could go wrong at any moment! Hmm.

Wired for contradiction is what I think we humans are, and what I think separates us from other living creatures.

But I wonder whether this is even at all relatable? Far be it from me to presume that all humanity endures equivalent mental chatter at the same volume as me. It never ceases to blow my mind that we can simply never truly know someone else's legitimate reality, their brain's genuine interpretation of life.

I suppose we do all exist alongside one another, living seemingly the same lives. Obviously we are all the same animal, compatible of anatomy, brains functioning with the same basic fundamentals to keep us alive. But on top of survival instinct, we have creativity.

I'm slowly realising that people's brains are different to positively insane degrees. Given the complexity of the human brain, the bell curve is staggering. To me it's miraculous that not only have we survived, but somehow we've actually proliferated alongside one another. Considering that there are now seven billion of us, and none of us - zero of seven billion - are mentally identical.

Off the back of this figure, the odds of us not wiping ourselves out by now really didn't look that good from the outset. And I guess they still don't if you think too much about Donald Trump and North Korea. Yikes!

Ok, so there are still a few rotten chooks running around trying their best to do naughty things, but I'd estimate them to be a fractional percentage only. Overall we are pretty relaxed, getting on together just fine despite having no honestly secure idea of how life is really being experienced by another.

I think perspective-gazing of this sort is helping me become a better person in a world full of strangers. We're doing pretty well, considering we're all but hard-wired to disagree with each other, and all but hard-wired to disagree with ourselves. I'm doing my best to keep this in the back of my mind.

"I have no idea what someone's mental experience truly is when we talk for the first time."

I wonder if they're thinking that too. Ha! Of