Midnight Musings

[I like writing when I can't sleep. Rather than allow them to continue turning over unrelentingly I find immense benefit to getting ideas out of my head into words on a page instead. Waking up in the morning and re-reading what has come out usually in a semi-lucid state is always interesting. The below is one such occasion.]

Humans. The most mindful of all creatures. So mindful as to often lose their native ability for actual mindfulness. Hmm.

So the Earth is heating up, really fucking fast. Imperceptible to us as of the present yet in a geophysical chronology legit moving at warp speed. How long has the Earth been here for??? The speed at which human atmospheric interference is warming the globe is in a timeframe equivalent to flicking on a kettle. Such acceleration terrifies me.

Lucky Roland, mate, you’re a bit of an eco-wimp in the grand scheme of things. I do feel lucky to be the age I am in this time, it’s unlikely I’ll have to really deal with the razor tip of this very pointy stick we are currently approaching the end of. Sure we’re seeing bits of it, we’re getting less snow each year, cuppla big storms out of season. But it’s just so gentle in comparison to the effects of global warming our grandkids are destined to contend with. The severity is sure to increase at a rate thus far incomprehensible to us.

How’s it with your folks when you ask if they ever smoked ciggies. I feel like a staggering majorityof people over 50 have a smoking history of some description, too many times from too many mouths have I heard that “it was just what you did back then, we didn’t know better”.

Now think about how. many. fuggen. people. died at the hands of cigarettes before legislation began moving. And even today, after that, you’re still allowed to turn 18, waltz into any old shop and gamble your life with 20 more durries, roll the dice that you’ll survive another pack because life’s not that unfair, it won’t happen to me. 

I reckon when I’m that age I’ll be saying the same about sugar. Kids will be on crazy ketogenic diets and be totally unfamiliar with what a “processed” carbohydrate is. Hopefully they’ll baulk at the idea of refined sugar in such an scary majority of food on supermarket shelves in 2016. Maybe by then we’ll all have known someone affected by obesity, and we’ll say “it was just what happened, we didn’t know any better back then”.

THIS. This is where I want to make a point. Hopefully you agree that the hypothetical outcome above is total bullshit, has to be total bullshit. Why? Because we literally just learned that lesson with cigarettes! Not to mention we already know about the dangers of sugar!!! So why on earth is there still so much of it every-fucken-where? 

It’s the same with climate change. The science is in, and somehow everyone seems pretty bloody ok with it. Give it a couple of decades and I think the idea of burning coal for energy will be quite literally laughed at by our future kin, disbelieving of the idea that we could do such a thing.

Anyway. I feel like I experience this sort of moral dilemma a lot, potentially more than others. Whilst that may sound presumptuous, it’s only because I constantly verge so closely on panic. Panic whilst I teeter between thinking about how many seemingly insurmountable challenges lie ahead, and how no-one else is showing any signs of stress. 

When we have information and technology to solve a big problem and we don’t - that’s where this whole planet becomes a fucking laughing stock. How is it that things like money and politics can obstruct things like healing and education. How is it that the perceived financial cost of cleaning up the ocean is preventing it from happening. Simply inconceivable realities, the likes of which tear my mind and break my heart.

Maybe I do overreact to things, but allowing money to compromise integrity and dictate the future is the apex of human failure.