Eating out of the van full time is far more achievable than I would have believed before actually doing it.

To preface, my diet is an ever-evolving, always-convoluted variation of veganism. As such, herbivorous cravings tend to prevail; I already preference raw and non-perishable food, which is lucky as I don’t have a fridge.

I know what the subtext sounds like, Rolls must eat really boring food. Trust me when I say that I honestly don’t need to - in fact, I refuse to - compromise on taste. 

And even with a sometimes prohibitive level of nutritional mindfulness, my meals are still as varied and delectable as they have ever been. The learning curve wasn’t too steep, eating just takes a little more foresight and creativity than it used to.

For example.

Late yesterday arvo me and Frizy pulled up our vans at a cracking vantage point above the foreshore of Wollstonecraft, and cooked up a mean Boxing Day feed for the fellies. We had these epic soybean and flax meal schnitties, sautéed spinach and kale, roasted truss tomatoes, half an avocado and some wildly delicious pickled carrots (shoutout to mum for a gr8 chrissy present). It was honestly as satisfying a meal as I’ve found at any restaurant.

Most of my favourite van feeds only use one pot or pan, and take less than 15 minutes to prepare. I’m gonna start posting up some of my favourite recipes to prove that a healthy, varied and tasty diet is really achievable both on and off the road. 

But for now... I’m hungry.