Getting energy from the sun feels like cheating. 

I have two panels that let me stay completely off the conventional electricity grid. Mostly I use a 21W panel with two outputs for USB devices. It’s wildly efficient, my 6600maH USB battery goes from 0 to 100% in only about 2 hours! My fairy lights then plug in to the battery and it’ll be enough energy stored for about three weeks worth of lighting.

I also have a 65aH generator battery that I can pull out when I’m set up somewhere for longer than half a day. Fed by a 120W panel, it has 2 12v AC plugs - literally identical to household power outlets. With this I can charge my computer and camera batteries, and also use power tools in the middle of nowhere. Froth.

It seems crazy that solar isn’t more popular. Neither panel was prohibitively expensive, and both will eventually pay for themselves with the grid energy saved.