ADVANTURE REPORT 181216.1140hrs

What’s that Rolls? Wondering how you feel about the last seven days? Hmm let's look back at another typical “working week” you just had and evaluate:

  • Surfed a total of 7 times (still 9 hours of light left today, number may increase).
  • Began drinking cocktails with the crew at TSE around 9am during service on a work day. We had a tropical christmas party and dressed completely in beach-vacay. The pina coladas were very stiff and fully had umbrellas and everything. If that isn’t chrissy spirit I don’t know what is.
  • Planned upcoming Patagonia adventure with Jord, we're leaving in three weeks (shit that’s crept up quick)
  • Paddled out at 10pm at Freshie and caught waves under the light of the last supermoon of the year.
  • Ate a pastry that was in the top 5 best things I’ve ever eaten, possibly top 3.
  • Drank coffee grown by a farmer in Nicaragua, processed for a month in a Central American mill, shipped to Australia, cellared in Alexandria, roasted in Chippendale, delivered to Chatswood, then brewed with a machine handmade in the Netherlands. Then sipped by me. What a trip.
  • Watched Dad get waved into an RBT and completely ignore it, to no consequence.

You lucky bastard!
What a week!
How fucken good is life!