One Week

Life this year has been nuts.

I enjoy the luxury of self-employment, meaning I have the freedom to assign myself as much or as little free time as I would like. As the cafe has stabilised over time, Sam and I have chosen to exercise patience at present rather than punch for immediate growth. The opportunity to almost completely invert our work-life balance has been a priority and I think it's safe to say we've achieved it. 

Fortuitous though it may seem, circumstances haven't arrived by accident, I'm enjoying life now off the back of a lot of hard yakka in the early days. It probably looks like we had an easy bouncer to smash for the boundary, but we've done our fair share of grinding at it with our heads down in the past. 

Lucky Roland. Now, now it feels like the ball's not just over the boundary, it's completely out of sight, I don't even have to think about running end to end, I can just stand in the middle of the pitch, take my helmet off and salute the stadium with a smile on my face. I am and always have been the first person to say it, if this isn't winning the lottery, I don't know what is. 

I am confident this website has been named appropriately. Anyway this is a wee diary I kept during a week of life in October. Whilst it was a great week, it was also nothing particularly out of the ordinary... no h8 please!

I’m parked up at South Narrabeen on Sunday night. I’ve had another ridiculous week which I’d like to document, should I one day find myself in need of inspiration from a former life. Ready future Rolls? Ready for this? This was one sunny surf-filled “working week” in October 2016.

     -   MONDAY 10/10/16

0520 wake up.
0530 skate to TSE. worked until midday, epic times as always making coffee with the fellies. 
1300 charge off taking dogs from mum and dads for surprise adventure, big walk through Cammeray bush in the sun.
1630 commence drinking beers for impromptu staffies back at TSE. Have unbelievably loose night with the boys incl. laser tag. Back to the van to sleep.

     -   TUESDAY 11/10/16

0520 wake up.
0530 skate to TSE. Guzzle litres of water and wrestle hangover with croissants and caffeine, work with Sam until midday. 
1400 paddle out for surf at queensie, it is like a skatepark in short period NE. Surf til I'm wrecked, sick time. Back to Chatswood for the night.

     -   WEDNESDAY 12/10/16

0520 wake up
0530 skate to TSE. Have sick morning of “work” = grazing on food and drinking coffee, talking shit with people. Chatswood producing strong chat today.
1300 assemble supplies, drive to curly. 
1400 paddle out into heavy 5 foot straighthanders at curly. Tide fills in as predicted and more waves begin opening up. Proceed to have amazing session. Get death-threatened and called a cunt by 130kg kook stuck in the impact zone who I bottom turned in front of, even though he literally made no attempt to get out of my way. He gets washed in, good thing theres lots of water moving and he sucks. Catch probably 20-25 really solid waves over about 4 hours. Best air attempt to date, timed perfectly on a solid 5 foot closeout and got absolutely blasted into orbit. Bailed halfway, even if I could land airs properly I couldn’t land that. Dane couldn’t land that. Actually he probably could but that’s how high it felt.
1900 curly campout with sammy in usual spot. Epic sunset, some photos, ghetto dinner and an episode of Workaholics, in bed at 8. 

      -   THURSDAY 13/10/16

0730 wake up. Put on trackies and wander up the dune to check the surf. Massive washing machine, 6 foot of disorganised S swell, strip of solid white 400m out to sea.
0740 drive over the hill to queensie.
0800 paddle out at north steyne, queensie nobody on it and looks like its closing out. Drift up there and its not closing out, get a bunch of super fun waves alone.
0930 brew up a coffee in the van and take it to the beach with some cereal. Well-timed brunch, surf is deteriorating rapidly.
1000 head to Showbox for another coffee and to do some work.
1130 skate around manly.
1800 drinks in crowie after lazy arvo. Great surprise dinner for Ali, awesome to catch up with different folks

     -   FRIDAY 14/10/16

0800 wake and cruise to Chatswood. Finally achieve ultimate loading zone park 10m away from TSE. Have coffee, mingle. 
0830 leave Chatswood, dial in podcast and drive up the highway. Head north to avoca. 
0930 how good is the drive north.
1000 arrive Avoca and its PUMPING.
1015 paddle out south end and meander through the lineup, big playing field today. End up sitting wide for consistent bombs arriving every 15 minutes and cleaning everyone up.
1030-1330 pick off wave after wave, bomb after bomb. Literally just 50m wider than the pack and somehow no-one noticing and coming over to compete with me. Mid-surf realisation, this just has to be the best session of my life so far. Ticks every box: weekday, pumping waves, nobody out. More than 10 waves >300m 5+ turns heavy sandy barrel end section. Whole body literally feels hot with adrenaline. 
1330 brew coffee in van, take breakfast back to the beach, sit under a tree and watch.
1350 get skateboard and camera from van for photo expedition.
1430 surprise Sam and Jack along Avoca Drive, cracker shot of the T3.
1445 lunch at sick new whole foods cafe.
1600 clink beers on the balcony of Sam’s place, settle in for sunset session.
1900 frizy arrives, drinking increases. Repeat of past beerpong game, 50 cups 1 case each side. Consequently large and loose night together.

     -   SATURDAY 15/10/16

1000 wake up on couch, clean.
1030 explore epic rock shelf with the boys at south avoca.
1130 cue podcast, assemble snacks, drive back to Sydney
1400 lunch at restaurant Balmoral with large family crew.
1630 splash through some laps in the nets.
1730 drive to erskineville for boysies housewarming. Heaps of fun.

     -   SUNDAY 16/10/16

0930 wake up in erskineville. Have a quick walk to stretch legs, drive to Marrickville. 
1000 meet Richie for brekkie and poke around new common warehouse space Saporium, some sweet new shops and very well set up.
1300 back to mum and dads for more coffee with them, then nap. 
1930 drive to south narrabeen and tuck in, NE waves hopefully pouring through in the morning. 

T3 + central coast = postcard photogenicism