Storageking Rolls

Let it be known, I do not have to live with only the bare essentials!

Purging myself of redundant possessions was one of the most existentially-fulfilling periods of my life. My mind literally feels lighter now. You know those storage-based jobs chores that you keep putting off? And then they get worse? DO THEM. NOW! It’s such a specifically pleasant type of satisfaction that you’ve got waiting for you whenever you want! 

The end result is knowing exactly what I have and where it is. Literally everything. I know, you’re probably like “yeah me too mate” but really? Can you? Every last thing you own, down to your old electronic cables from appliances you've already thrown out, or the rogue single socks throughout your wardrobe? I definitely couldn’t this time last year. Now I can! 

Consolidating my belongings for vanlife uncovered so much shit that I had completely forgotten about. I was pretty mortified by how carelessly I had accumulated things. It felt great to finally get rid of it all and tick off a whole filing cabinet’s worth of to-do’s on my list. 

It’s honestly changed my outlook on what it is to have possessions, or a big house. We’re weird animals, humans. Bruh, come over to my cave where I store all of my shit. Of course living in a family unit is different, not everyone can really live like this etc etc I KNOW. It’s just interesting to think about. Minimalism has mutated itself into my DNA I reckon, I can’t ever imagine forgetting this new consciousness of ownership now that I’ve experienced it. 

The new van fits literally everything I could ever need for my current lifestyle, and the satisfaction of having each and every possession mentally accounted for is awesome. 

From twin integrated wettie buckets to shoe display shelving, Storageking Rolls designed the current setup purely ergonomic to his needs. 

I prioritised things I need most frequent access to: mainly shoes, hats and surf gear. This stuff all used to sit in tubs on the floor, further confining the already-limited space. During the redesign I was determined for everything to have a home so I could enjoy a 'living space' where I could stand on empty clean carpeted floor and have plenty room to move. 

I know, for a tryhard “minimalist” I have a lot of shoes, but I used to have way more! Not like a proper sneakerfreak or anything - I think my highest count was maybe 18 back in the day. but they were all active pairs, not collectibles in boxes. Shit does that make it worse than being a sneakerfreak shoe-hoarder? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that specific hobby, I’m just trying to justify my own life of excess, anyone else’s isn’t my business). WHATEVER. I like my shoes, and these shelves are the curated remains of a former collection. 

I built the bed frame intentionally cavernous and hinged the top so the whole thing opens like a lid. It fits everything else and there is still a heap of room to spare. 

There is one thing I’d like to add - my beloved fixie, how I miss riding it as often as I used to. Wouldn't that be dreamy, a bike to a van in fact my car to my house. But alas, it just takes up too much space without taking it apart and reassembling it evert time I want to jump in the saddle (which is way too much of a pain for someone with an attention span as short as mine). I fantasise of building a towbar-mounted bike box... it's not out of the question by any means but currently too demanding of time I do not have spare. One day though!