INVANTION: Water Supply

If I didn’t like coffee so much, my water supply would last far longer than it tends to. But it’s just so easy to get a boil on to make one, my discipline during a lazy day at the beach is close to nil until mid afternoon at the earliest. Running out of water is therefore something of a champagne problem for me.

Water is an ongoing consideration whilst living in the van. In the city its easy. Two or three days in the middle of nowhere however, and it doesn't take long to go through more than you’d think. But as I say - usually a champagne problem. 

I have two main water containers. One is a 20L Jerry can, which I designed to sit right above the wetsuit drip tray so the tap overhangs it like a sink. I’m quite proud of that little design feature. 

The other is a 5L bladder which is a great backup and obviously much easier/quicker to refill. It hangs under the bench with the bung at the bottom so it’s like a backup tap. Good for a cup of water in the night. 

Filling up water is an underrated part of the van experience. I treat is as an homage to what humans used to have to do before electricity and plumbing - and actually still have to do in some parts of the world?! - that is, fill up a supply from a well. 

I’m not sure there would be many others who get their money’s worth from the filtered drinking water taps along the beaches quite like I do. They are epic! The Wells of the Northern Beaches, servicing dehydrated exercisers and coastal nomads. 

I enjoy my stops to refill, because waiting for the jerry to slowly rise to full is a perfectly-timed chance to reflect on how amazing this whole van experience is. Rolls... you're filling up your jerry so you can have a water supply in the van you’re living in down at the beach. Life in those moments is, I suspect, is as novel as it will ever get.