Shower Reflections

How bloody good is a good bloody shower! 

I just had a hell shower, and not just in a no-one-flushed-the-toilet-while-I-was-in-there sort of way. Whilst that was indeed the case, it was in fact better still, beyond even the elusive symbiotic harmony of stable temperature and adequately abrasive pressure. Yes, this shower I achieved the fabled holy trinity of temperature, pressure and relevant epiphany.

So I’m standing at the shower about to turn it on when I have this microburst of real-talk thought pattern (RTTP). I’m fairly confident RTTP is a legitimate acronym for a legitimate symptom, or if its not now, it will be in the future (but you heard it here first). Basically how much RTTP a person experiences is a measure of how much crazy they have in their head in them, sortof like a mental KPI (key performance indicator - how fun are acronyms!). It’s one of those funny things - verging on the current limits of science, a phenomenon yet to be properly explained but with a sense of imminence about it, like our grandkids will laugh at us for not knowing such intricacies of our thought process.

So I think I have pretty high RTTP- hence my need to express myself here to anyone with enough time to read. Sometimes I can catch myself having RTTP,and back away from it, swooping out of a dive straight into my own head. Figuring out how to let go and embrace free-falling through thought has allowed me to plumb the depths of my imagination deeper than I had ever imagined. This was one such time. Showers are a great time to enjoy this process and delight in whatever thoughts my brain produces for me to digest.

Sorry, ranting. Anyway. Shower. About to begin, RTTP. 

How can you call yourself a true environmentalist when you stand here watching water come out of the shower and straight down the drain. 
Pumping and heating water doesn’t happen for free, it uses a fuel source of some description.
Whatever, its the cost of doing business with the shower.
You lazy ratbag!
Well if you were looking at this like a proper environmentalist, this is a really obvious way to cut down waste.
By not doing it you are knowingly and acceptingly wasting water.
Even though its fine to use for a rinse, by the time you’ve rinsed it’ll be hot and you can line up some soap. 
That’s gonna save time as well.

So I leapt in as soon as I turned it on and embraced the cold. I’ve had plenty of cold showers, and actually doing it is never as unpleasant as thinking about doing it. It’s such an immediate overreaction, to me indicative of evolution; our primal homo sapien ancestors would surely laugh if they could see us squirming as we stand waiting on the bathmat.

Of course my plan worked as expected, it quickly heated up, I had used less water and spent less time. I’m amazed how long it took me to begin showering this way now that it has clicked so vehemently. We’re animals, we can deal with the cold water, especially when we know it’s going to be hot very soon. I intend on implementing this as a permanent method of showering, both to increase my shower efficiency but also tune in to some animal roots. 

And that wasn’t even the epiphany.

The real revelation was realising what I’m really doing with this whole dietary change, and what it really symbolises. If you’ve read any of Fifty Shades of Vegan you probably know that I am basically at a point where my diet relies almost exclusively on the environmental effects of my food sources. 

It might be helpful to refresh my current nutritional status anyway; I am 24, highly physically active, seeking to maintain lean muscle and minimise sugar intake. I acknowledge that every food source carries with it an environmental price, however I consider some far more ‘expensive’ than others. Invariably these are animal agriculture industries, so I have cut out beef, dairy, eggs, fish, chicken and pork to name the most significant. 

So my actual epiphany.

I know this diet is potentially compromising my health.

Pretty dark when it’s written down! But I remain stoic in my decision to continue living this way.

Basically I think there are just too many humans here now, and we have created some irreversible problems for the future. Saying no to factory farming and the food disconnect is the ultimate testament to continue my claim that I truly care about the environment. 

I don't think it has so far and I don’t think it will. But if it is to the minor detriment of my personal health, then it’s being traded for the health of the planet. 

It’s hard not to feel the Earth’s call on a spiritual level, which is what I base my environmental approach upon. Take anyone to a wilderness area and everyone in some way responds to the serenity of being in nature. I suppose this is me responding to the planet in the most honest and karmically-balancing way I can. I don’t think we can know the meaning of life, but I can guarantee that outputting a net gain of good energy over bad is a cheat code of some description. I get a lot out of doing this on a spiritual level, it quiets the demon in me that points and yells hypocrite. 

You hopefully now understand my use of the word epiphany, because this was a fairly big one. I believe I am supplementing correctly and eating effectively to sustain a primarily vegan diet, however I know I’m running a risk of sacrificing some elements of my physical wellbeing in doing so. But I’m willing to gamble on it for the sake of the environment. 

At the moment we are at a net loss for change. We are insistent on slowly witnessing more and more symptoms before we finally diagnose the global condition and prescribe mass movement. I don’t want us to run out of time, and diagnose too late. Not enough is being done to prepare for the consequences of what we are doing to the environment. I’m privileged to have access to virtually any and every food my heart could desire, along with a complete range of dietary supplements to maintain my health in lieu of nutrients found in animal food products. This is my explanation for sticking to this diet, the opportunity to pull some extra weight where others may not be able or willing to do so.

What a shower!